General Information


#) Aftercare will run from Mondays to Fridays, except during the holiday periods.
#) Aftercare will run from the close of the formal school proceedings until 17h30.
#) There are different aftercare options available, each with their own fee structure.
#) The Aftercare will be structured so that Gr 0 to Gr 2 will be housed in the Aftercare facility, which will be determined by strict rules of operation. Gr 3 to Gr 7 children will go to the homework centre in the school (Grade 5 classroom) where supervised prep will operate between 14h00 and 15h30 or 16h00 – 17h00 for pupils doing extramurals. Unfinished homework will be completed at home. Gr 3 to Gr 7 children join the Aftercare facility at 16h30.
#) All forms to be completed and handed to the teacher on aftercare duty or to the Bursar, or via email to In the event that the application form is not handed in, we will charge ad hoc fees for the days that the child has attended aftercare.


#) There will be a fine of R110 imposed for every hour or part thereof should any pupil be collected after 17h30. The fine will be issued at the end of the month and must be settled within a week. Should the fine not be paid, the child will be suspended from aftercare.
#) In the event of a child being absent from school, the parents should contact the PA to our Headmaster or School Secretary or Admin Assistant, so that she/they can notify the teacher on aftercare duty.
#) In the event that parents are delayed in collecting their child, they must contact the teacher on duty at aftercare in order to make an alternative arrangement.
#) Parents must send a packed lunch and juice bottle with the child each day.
#) At 15h00 the pupils will be given juice and biscuits, which are supplied by the school.
#) Pupils must wear either their full school uniform or sports uniform at Aftercare.
#) Ad hoc participants must inform the office the day before they will be attending aftercare.

If the Gr 0 children cannot be fetched by the finishing times, they will be cared for in the "Waiting Class" (12h45 - 13h30) by an Aftercare teacher. Aftercare will formally begin at 13h30. There is NO CHARGE for the waiting class.

 Any child who:

a) is not collected after school and does not attend extra-murals
b) attends extra-murals and is not collected thereafter will automatically be placed in Aftercare and his/her parents will be billed.

 If pupils are not collected by 18h00, the teacher on duty will contact the person listed on the application form and will ask them to collect the pupil. Should they be unable to assist, then the second contact person will be contacted. Repetitive lateness may cause suspension from the Aftercare Centre.

 Should you no longer require the Aftercare facility, one month's written notice is required.

Outstanding fees and fines will result in the suspension of a pupil from the Aftercare.


#) Each pupil must bring his/her own packed lunch and juice in a container. The tuck shop will be open at lunchtime under supervision.

#) Pupils will proceed to the Aftercare/Homework teacher immediately after school or waiting class for roll call and lunchtime.

#) Pupils must notify the teacher if they wish to go to the toilet.

#) Pupils may not leave the school grounds without the permission of the teacher on duty. Parents must please sign their child(ren) out when they leave.

#) Pupils may not go home with a person other than those specified on the application form. If somebody other than a parent is collecting the child, the Aftercare must be notified in writing.

#) Please inform the office if a child is absent so that the Aftercare teacher can be informed. Absenteeism will not result in a refund of Aftercare fees.

#) No dangerous games, throwing of stones, bullying, or other bad behaviour will be tolerated.

#) If a child is injured during the Aftercare, the child must report the injury to the teacher on duty.

#) Reading homework will be supervised by the aftercare teacher.

#) Aftercare operates from 13h30 to 17h00. A half hour grace period from 17h00 to 17h30 is given for collecting children.

#) Aftercare is a service and may not be abused.




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