Academic Staff

There is a feeling about Kyalami Preparatory School that is intangible and yet everyone feels it when they walk in the front door. The feeling is what we are all about - it has to do with great teaching, with the knowledge that children are happy and excited. It is a sense of being safe...a sense of being home. In the same way that parents love their children and yet challenge them to do their best, Kyalami Preparatory School provides that opportunity within a nurturing environment. We offer both the challenge and the love. Everyone needs a home away from home.

Executive Staff:

 The Headmaster, Mr David Hala                                                                                               

Deputy Head - Academics and Cultural Affairs - Mrs Denise McKee                                                  

Deputy Head - Co-Curricular, Admin and Student Affairs Mr Clifford Ainley                                        

Deputy Head - Junior Prep, Mrs. Kim Deirino                                                

Educators 2017:

Head of Departments:

Information and Computer Technology - Craig Bailey

Arts and Culture - Bev Chalmers 

Sport - Jonathan Morgan 

Specialist Teachers:

Mr C van Staden - Afrikaans

Mrs P. Mantu - IsiZulu

Mr F. von Geyso - Music

Miss M. Solomon - Marimba and Music

Mrs K. Prevett - Natural Sciences/Physical Education

Mrs A. van der Westhuizen - Librarian

Mrs J. Sargent - Visual Art

Grade Teachers:

 Grade 0 - Miss A. Roberts and  Mrs K. Longo

Grade 1 - Mrs  A. Wingrave and Mrs S. Courty

Grade 2 - Mrs H. Lawrence and Mrs T. Odendaal

Grade 3 -  Mrs A.Hannington and  Miss N. Walters

Grade 4 - Mrs W. Huiskamp and Mr P. Thorp

Grade 5 - Mrs S. Wright and Mrs T. Versfeld

Grade 6 - Mrs N Ortlieb and  Mrs S. Pratt

Grade 7 - Mr S. Milliken and Mrs P. Mantu
















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A member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA),
Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association (SAHISA). Provisionally Accredited by Umalusi

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