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At Kyalami Preparatory School we work hard to have an integrated physical education program, which starts when your kids are in Grade 0 and continues to Grade 7. This program relies on our fantastic teachers, but also on the encouragement of our parents. This is my challenge to you:

Don’t be too quick to write a note excusing your child from PE or sport without valid reasons. Understand that as a population we are nowhere near as active as we were 20 years ago, and school sport and PE plays a vital role in your child’s health and education.

Encourage your child (push a little if you have to) to participate in as much of cocurricular program as possible. It will make for a happy, healthy child. Play games, the ones you played as a kid, with your kids. Stuck in the mud, gaining grounds, garden cricket, piggy in the middle. The list goes on and on and on. Pick one and play it. There are a multitude of games that have been passed on from generation to generation, in some form or other, that need to be brought back into our children’s lives. Think of people of all ages throwing balls to each other in the park, hitting a ball with bats made from pieces of wood, flinging a flat piece of plastic through the air, jumping over a piece of rope, or chasing each other around a garden. These are games – no score, no time limit, no referees, no rules, no coaching, and importantly, no kids sitting on the side-lines.

Other ideas to try at home:- Read a book together every night after supper. Help children to speculate and enjoy guessing the ending together. Teach children to save money towards a special toy or activity. Cook with your child. Celebrate the steps towards completion.  Play a game of monopoly that continues over time.  Plan a trip. Look at a map. Make a timeline showing the different aspects of the trip.

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